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These squishy sensory tubes are packed full of adventure and excitement. Creepy? Check! Crawly? Absolutely! Each transparent tube promises an adventure unlike any other, with slithering creatures that are ready to wiggle. Watch in awe as snakes, worms, and centipedes move and groove, zigging and zagging with every squeeze! They look so lifelike, you'll half-expect them to wriggle right into your hand. Squigglers are durable and 100% non-toxic, so you can squeeze, squish, and play to your heart's content. Whether you're looking to relieve some stress, enjoy some gross-out giggles, or simply explore the exciting world of wiggly wonders, GooToobz Squigglers has got you covered!

CREEPY & CRAWLY: Each GooToobz Squigglers tube is filled with wiggling, jiggling creatures that are ready to squirm at your command. Squeeze and see them come to life!

ULTIMATE GROSS-OUT FUN: With a real focus on the creepy creatures inside, Squigglers are the ultimate sensory toy for boys who love the eeriness and the gross factor!

FORBIDDEN EXPERIMENTS: Designed to capture the essence of a top-secret lab, the Squigglers tubes entice with designs of cages, restricted areas, and bold warning labels. Do you dare to uncover what's inside?

NO-MESS & NON-TOXIC: GooToobz is filled with a water-based liquid sealed securely inside, ensuring no messy escapes. Parents can rest easy knowing it's 100% non-toxic.

SENSORY YET DURABLE: Designed to make you feel like you're touching real wiggling creatures, yet tough enough to handle all the squeezes, shakes, and squishes you can give!

Choose your sensory style

Each GooToobz has a unique mix of different colors, viscosities and squishy components so you can find the exact sensory squish feeling that suits you best!

No-Mess & Non-Toxic!

GooToobz are designed to feel like you're touching the goo and glitter inside, but still strong enough to withstand any grip strength without leaking! GooToobz is filled with a water-based liquid that is sealed securely inside the tubes, so parents don't have to worry about kids making a mess! All GooToobz liquids are 100% non-toxic.

Ready for gifting!

Each GooToobz is sealed inside a transparent package that is perfect for gifting! Squish, squeeze and see the goo flow through the transparent window before it’s even opened!

Customer Reviews

My family loves these gootoobz but even I like to use them to relax after gaming or while watching TV. Who knew this toy would be perfect for adults too. Gary H. September 9, 2022

Gary H. Sep 09, 2022

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