Skycastle - Gootoobz

Wearable & Shareable

Every Sticki Roll on your bracelet is actually a ROLL of 10 holographic mini stickers that you can pull, tear and share! 70 total stickers in every pack, each with different cute, Kawaii characters! Decorate your stuff, share with friends and build your collection!

Easy to Use

Sticki Rolls stickers are easy to pull off and share! Every Sticki Roll has a recyclable core that can be easily removed and replaced with new Sticki Rolls using our Quick-Grip clasp! Suitable for all ages 5 and up.

Find the Super Rare Stickers

Inside every pack are 2 extra MYSTERY Sticki Rolls that are super rare or ULTRA rare to "unbox" and discover! Each rarity level contains a different mesmerizing holographic effect. 70 total Stickers included!

Restickable and Leaves No Residue

Sticki Rolls are made of holographic foil (not like normal stickers) so they don't leave marks or gunk, even after months of being stuck! They're even restickable, in case you want to swap Stickies from your notebook to water bottle!

Over 1000 Stickers to Find

Discover all the cute, kawaii-inspired sticker designs from the Sticki Rolls universe to collect! Every sticker on each Sticki Roll is different, so enjoy the magic of the reveal everytime you pull, twist and stick!

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