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Discover serenity with GooToobz Rumblers, your personal relaxation oasis in the palm of your hand. Picture a peaceful river of waterbeads flowing smoothly within a crystal-clear tube. With each gentle squeeze, the waterbeads glide and sway in a harmonious dance. But that's not all—your calming journey is enriched by ethereal glitter and soothing colored water that adds a tranquil hue to the experience. Each moment spent with GooToobz Rumblers is like a mini-meditation, drawing you into a world of quietude and mindfulness. Whether you're seeking a momentary escape from stress or a reliable tool for your calm down corner, GooToobz Rumblers is the Zen companion you've been searching for. 🌱🌊☮️

Soothing Waterbead Cascade: Step into tranquility as the waterbeads in GooToobz Rumblers flow gently, creating a calming visual experience that helps your mind unwind.

Calming Vibrations for Stress Relief: Feel the therapeutic, rhythmic vibrations with each squeeze, perfect for redirecting focus and easing feelings of overwhelm.

Glitter for Mindful Moments: Amidst the calming waterbeads, swirls of gentle glitter add a serene touch, deepening your sensory experience for effective stress relief.

Safe and Worry-Free Play: Carefully designed for peace of mind, GooToobz Rumblers are non-toxic and no-mess, so you can focus solely on relaxation.

Calm Down Corner: An invaluable addition to any relaxation space, GooToobz Rumblers fit seamlessly into your "calm down corner," offering immediate sensory relief and fostering a mindful atmosphere.

Choose your sensory style

Each GooToobz has a unique mix of different colors, viscosities and squishy components so you can find the exact sensory squish feeling that suits you best!

No-Mess & Non-Toxic!

GooToobz are designed to feel like you're touching the goo and glitter inside, but still strong enough to withstand any grip strength without leaking! GooToobz is filled with a water-based liquid that is sealed securely inside the tubes, so parents don't have to worry about kids making a mess! All GooToobz liquids are 100% non-toxic.

Ready for gifting!

Each GooToobz is sealed inside a transparent package that is perfect for gifting! Squish, squeeze and see the goo flow through the transparent window before it’s even opened!

Customer Reviews

My family loves these gootoobz but even I like to use them to relax after gaming or while watching TV. Who knew this toy would be perfect for adults too. Gary H. September 9, 2022

Gary H. Sep 09, 2022

I purchased three in different colors for my grandkids to use while waiting for a flight at the airport. They were a big hit! Made the trip so much easier for me. The kids were mesmerized and couldn’t put them down.

Lilian E. Sep 12, 2022

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