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Dive into a BIGGER world of sensory fun with JellyBIGs! Double the size of our classic JellyBoards, the JellyBIGs promises twice the space, twice the gel, and twice the fun! Now with two styluses, siblings or friends can doodle together or you can unleash your dual-handed doodling prowess...and both fit securely in the frame for storage! Use the sculpting stylus to blend and shape the gel, creating mesmerizing patterns and textures. Switch to the drawing stylus when precision writing and detail are needed. Teachers will certainly appreciate the larger board to allow more room for tracing letters, practicing math equations and more. Perfect for those who crave a larger canvas to squish, draw, blend and doodle!

SUPERSIZED SENSORY EXPERIENCE: Feel the joy of double the squishy gel beneath your fingertips! With JellyBIGs, you have ample space to let your imagination run wild and your doodles come alive.

NO-MESS & NON-TOXIC: Enjoy the enchanting sensory experience without any of the mess. JellyBIGs gel is 100% non-toxic, ensuring hours of safe, squishy fun.

VERSATILE ARTISTIC TOOLS: Two unique styluses open up a world of possibilities! Use the sculpting stylus to blend and shape the gel, creating mesmerizing patterns and textures. Switch to the drawing stylus when precision and detail are the name of the game.

THE PERFECT TRAVEL TOY: Though bigger in size, JellyBIGs is still travel-friendly! The robust design ensures that your art stays in place, making it ideal for hours of play during long journeys. Fit it comfortably in your backpack or travel bag and you're good to go.

GAME TIME: Turn artistic expression into a competitive fun fest with JellyBIGs! Its expansive surface is perfect for classic drawing games like Tic Tac Toe, Pictionary, and more. Challenge friends and family to a doodle-duel and watch as the squishy canvas becomes a battleground of creativity and wit!

Sensory Drawing Pad

Squish, shape and create art! JellyBoards are filled with two separate layers of colored, non-toxic gel that is vacuum-sealed so drawings stay in place. Draw with fingers or with the stylus to blend the colors together and create one-of-a-kind artistic creations!

Fidget Squish Art

Now you can fidget and create art at the same time! JellyBoards has the squishy, tactile feel of fidget toys but also allows kids to express their creativity. Perfect for kids into ASMR!

Guilt-Free Art Tablet

For parents who don't want their child staring at a screen, BrightBoard is perfect! This healthy alternative keeps them entertained for hours. It feels and looks like a tablet but is actually all about artistic creation!

Customer Reviews

My 3 year old came home with this in backpack from Daycare one day and was in his hands until bed time. Went back to daycare the following day and I was not allowed to rest until he had his very own “tablet” for home. Bought two because my wife likes a good figet toy (She’s WFH) She’s been doodl’n every night while we watch TV since. Gary H. September 9, 2022

Gary H. Sep 09, 2022

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