Holiday JellyPics

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JellyPics Holiday Edition are squish n’ shape drawing pads, celebrating the magic of the season with a festive spin! Inside, they boast two layers of colored sensory gel adorned with holiday cheer! This gel is vacuum-sealed, ensuring designs always gleam with holiday spirit. Little artists can craft snowflakes or Santa hats with their fingers, or use the special green stylus to blend and bring alive the vibrant holiday colors - it's like festive finger-painting without any of the mess! Each JellyPics Holiday Edition comes with a unique, double-sided backer card showcasing a joyful Santa Claus on one side and a merry Snowman on the other. Mix and match with other backer cards to unveil new holiday hues, and dive into endless doodling that feels just like unwrapping a gift every time!

🎄 SEASONAL SENSORY FUN!: Unveil the magic of the holidays with the special edition JellyPics! The perfect blend of DoodleJamz's signature squishy art fun, now wrapped in festive cheer! Featuring a bright red frame, it's a gift of creativity waiting to be unwrapped!

✈️ PERFECT TRAVEL BUDDY: Jetting off for the holidays or just driving to Grandma's? JellyPics is travel-ready to keep the kids entertained with holiday-themed doodles. Slim and portable, it fits right into any bag, making it a must-have holiday travel companion.

🚫 NO-MESS & NON-TOXIC: Keep the fun mess-free and safe! The JellyPics gel ensures an amazing tactile play experience, reminiscent of festive finger-painting but without any cleanup. Rest assured, the gel is 100% non-toxic and safely sealed inside.

🎁 HOLIDAY-THEMED STYLUS: Sculpt, draw, and doodle with the included vibrant green stylus! It's the perfect tool to craft holiday masterpieces, blending the spirit of the season with endless creativity.

🎅 FESTIVE DOUBLE-SIDED BACKER CARD: Swap between two iconic symbols of the season - a jolly Santa Claus emoji on one side and a frosty Snowman on the other. Watch them come to life as your child doodles away, bringing the holiday spirit into every stroke!

Sensory Drawing Pad

Squish, shape and create art! JellyBoards are filled with two separate layers of colored, non-toxic gel that is vacuum-sealed so drawings stay in place. Draw with fingers or with the stylus to blend the colors together and create one-of-a-kind artistic creations!

Fidget Squish Art

Now you can fidget and create art at the same time! JellyBoards has the squishy, tactile feel of fidget toys but also allows kids to express their creativity. Perfect for kids into ASMR!

Guilt-Free Art Tablet

For parents who don't want their child staring at a screen, BrightBoard is perfect! This healthy alternative keeps them entertained for hours. It feels and looks like a tablet but is actually all about artistic creation!

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