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SKY CASTLE TOYS, LLC is the producer (“Producer”) of the LetsGlow Dance Contest (“Contest”), a short form dance video contest featuring amateur high school dance videos using the LetsGlow Studio Dance Kits and reflective material. The LetsGlow Studio is a popular video creation kit used by many TikTok users to product glowing dance videos. See product info here https://letsglowhq.com/


The Producer is seeking submissions by members of high school dance classes of short videos showing dances (1 to 2 minutes) using the LetsGlow Studio kit for possible posting on YouTube, TikTok and social media.

At Producer’s sole discretion, videos submitted may also be posted on, but in no way limited to, the LetsGlowHQ website, Youtube.com and may be further used as stated herein and/or in the submission materials. Only videos conforming to Sky Castle Toys, LLC’s  Standards and Practices, based on Producer’s  judgment, as they determine in their sole discretion, will be eligible for consideration in the Contest.

The Contest is intended to consist of three winning videos. Each school submitting a winning video will receive $2,000 (two thousand dollars). All monetary prizes shall be paid in U.S. Dollars to the winning schools unless otherwise determined by Producer and the winning school, at their sole discretion.

The number of school videos are subject to change in Producer’s sole discretion. If the contest is unable to be completed due to any event of force majeure or other forces beyond Producer’s control, Producer reserves the right not to award any or all of the prizes set forth above. Please see section VII of these rules regarding additional rules for awarding of prizes.


Schools wishing to enter will receive a LetsGlow Dance Kit that includes a special LED light that is easily clipped to mobile, tablet or computer.

Students can use the special reflective fabric contained in the kits to create stickers, hair accessories and decals that glow when the LED light is used.

Schools may submit as many videos as they wish by sending the videos directly to Contests@ SkyCastleToys.com

Submissions can be emailed using Dropbox, WeTransfer or any other file transfer application.

Submitting your videos(s) on the aforementioned digital platforms and agreeing to the terms of service thereof transfers exclusive ownership in the submitted video(s) to Producer as of the date/time of acceptance of such terms of service.


Videos will be reviewed on an ongoing basis. See section VII for information on deadlines. Regardless of the means of submission of the video, submitter (and/or Entrant) hereby agrees to execute all additional paperwork and/or agreements as required by Producer to further memorialize and/or record the transfer of ownership and/or any other rights or permissions granted to Producer.

All submissions become the sole property of Producer and may be used in any manner, commercial or otherwise, including without limitation in the Program or any other Program, in any and all media and/or technologies now known or hereafter devised throughout the universe in perpetuity.

Home videos transferred to DVD or CD-ROM will be accepted provided they meet eligibility and broadcast requirements. 8MM film transferred to videotape is also accepted.



LetsGlow Dance Contest videos should be:

  • High Definition (HD) (minimum 720P).
  • Vertical format
  • Recommended and preferred specifications are 30 or 60 Frames Per Second with 1080x1920 or 720x1280 Resolution. Other resolutions and Frames Per Second are acceptable, so long as they’re in vertical format.
  • Acceptable file formats are: MPEG (.mpg/.mpeg/.m4v), QuickTime Movie (.mov), AVI (.avi), and Windows Media Video (.WMV). Producer particularly recommends MPEG4 (MPG) compression types (CODECS) such as H.264, DivX, Xvid, and AVC.
  • Recommended length is between one to two minutes. Instructions for uploading the videos can be found on the “LetsGlowHQ.com” website. Producer will also accept WeTransfer and Dropbox files sent to: Contests@SkyCastleToys.com   

Entrant understands and agrees his/her video submission may receive exposure on YouTube, TikTok and/or other websites, platforms and media as Producer determines in its sole discretion and may be subjected to comments and popularity ratings from the public at large. Producer is not responsible in any manner for any remarks posted by the public pertaining to an Entrant or an Entrant’s video. Any and all comments not adhering to standards outlined by the various social media sites in which videos may be posted will be immediately removed. Videos may also be posted by the school or by individual students appearing in the videos on that student’s social media sites.

Each entrant acknowledges and agrees that Producer reserves the right edit or otherwise alter each video for any reason, including but not limited to, in order to incorporate or append the Program’s graphics, for creative reasons, for technical reasons, to comply with Producer’s broadcast standards and practices, and/or in order to convert the video into a broadcast-quality video for potential broadcast on YouTube and TikTok.


Producer’s decisions regarding all Contest matters are made in Producer’s sole and absolute discretion and are final and non-appealable. All submissions are subject to the terms of these rules and all Entrants agree to be bound by these rules and Producer’s decisions. Producer reserves the right in its sole discretion to amend these rules at any time and Producer will post the revised rules on LetsGlowHQ.com.

Producer is not responsible for Internet system and hardware failures; delayed, incomplete or unsuccessful transmission of video or other entry information; technical malfunctions of any kind; human error; information loss and downtime; or any costs, losses, liability or damages resulting from any such failures. In the event of any such technical difficulty, malfunction or error, Producer reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to take such actions as it deems appropriate in keeping with the fairness and integrity of the Contest, including without limitation a determination to take no action.


High schools selected by Producer are eligible to participate in the contest. The number of schools participating is limited and Producer expects approximately 15 high schools to participate. There will be three winning videos selected.

Employees of Sky Castle Toys, each of their respective parent, subsidiary, and affiliated companies and anyone involved in the production or administration of the Contest and/or the Program, as well as the immediate family/same household members of any of the foregoing individuals are not eligible to enter or to win any prizes. Producer reserves the right to modify existing eligibility criteria, including, without limitation, geographical and age restrictions.

Entrants participating in the contest must be 13 years of age or older as of the date of entry. Written parental consent will be required for persons under 18 (or who are not of the age of majority in their state of domicile) for their entries to be considered.


After submission of your video you agree to complete all additional forms required by Producer and further must be able to grant to Producer all rights set forth in such forms, including without limitation, the consent forms and/or other releases as required by Producer (collectively, the “Releases”). For the sake of added clarity, Producer’s requirement related to completion of Releases is not intended to, and does not, alter that exclusive ownership of the video is granted to Producer upon the submitter’s agreement to the online terms of service.

Entrants whose videos are chosen for possible inclusion in the contest must sign a Release and Indemnity in the form presented by Producer attesting, among other things, to the fact that they are the rightful owners of the submitted videos and that the video may be submitted and broadcast, and ownership transferred to Producer, without obtaining permission from or making any payment to any third party. Notwithstanding the foregoing or anything to the contrary herein, Producer’s requirement related to completion of the aforementioned Releases is not intended to, and does not, alter that exclusive ownership of the video is granted to Producer upon the submitter’s agreement to the online terms of service. Any submission containing third party content may be subject to disqualification. All persons submitting a video or appearing in or heard in a video must grant, or must have granted, all necessary rights as required by Producer, which may require, without limitation, signing the applicable Release(s) (which shall, among other things, grant to Producer the ownership rights in the video(s), and/or and the right to use such person’s name, voice and likeness in any manner, commercial or otherwise, and in any and all media and/or technologies whether now known or hereafter devised throughout the universe and in perpetuity, including, without limitation, for programming, promotional and advertising purposes), and may be provided to submitter after agreeing to the applicable online terms of service and submission applications and grants of rights but before the submission can be eligible for prize awards. Failure to provide requested Releases and/or consents may result in disqualification of Entrant. Notwithstanding the foregoing or anything to the contrary herein, and without limitation of the rights granted to Producer, the submission of a video constitutes the Entrant’s permission to use the video and the name, voice and likeness of the Entrant, as well as the Entrant’s representation that he/she has obtained all necessary permissions and approvals to use the video and the name, voice and likeness of all persons appearing in the video, in and in connection with the Program and any and all other exploitations thereof or otherwise, including, without limitation, for programming, advertising and promotional purposes, in all media and/or technologies, now known or hereinafter created.

Each submission must be solely the original work of Entrant(s)/submitter(s) and/or each Entrant represents that his/her submission does not infringe on any third party’s copyrighted material trademark or other intellectual property rights, or privacy or publicity rights.

Original sound tracks posted on the LetsGlowHQ.com website may be used in your videos. Schools may elect to create their own original music. 

By submitting an entry, each Entrant agrees to release, discharge, defend and hold harmless Sky Castle Toys Company and each of their respective parent, subsidiary and affiliated companies and each of their respective licensees, assigns, officers, directors, employees, members, partners, agents and representatives (collectively, the “Released Parties”), from and against any claim, expense or liability arising from or related to submission, exhibition or exploitation of the entry, participation in this Contest, appearance on the Program, or otherwise and/or acceptance or use or misuse of any prize (including any travel or activity related thereto) or any breach or threatened breach by Entrant of any provision, representation, warranty or obligation made hereunder.

Each Entrant agrees that his/her participation and submission shall be governed by and construed under and in accordance with the laws of the United States and of the State of California applicable to contracts entered into and wholly performed therein. Each Entrant consents and agrees to the exclusive jurisdiction and venue of the federal and state courts of the State of California, located in the County of Los Angeles. Any claims shall be resolved individually, without resort to any form of class action, and all such claims shall be limited to actual out-of-pocket costs incurred, but in no event to include attorneys’ fees.



Dance videos will be judged by Producer on the basis of:

  1. Musicality. This is the dancer(s)’ ability to follow the rhythm and tempo of the music.
  2. Difficulty of movement. Judges likes to see that dancer(s) has a high-level to their movement, and so will be looking to see if they're demonstrating the ability to execute extremely difficult moves, like putting together popular TikTok moves in hard to execute combinations. They'll also be looking out for a high level of complex moves through things like demonstrating intricate foot and hand combinations, patterns and flows.
  3. Character and personality. Dancer(s) ability to express your personality and character. Judges are always looking to see if a dancer is showing they can take their moves and add their personality and character to give them a personal flavour which makes them stand out above other opponents.
  4. Use of LetsGlow reflective material.  Judges will look to see creative uses of the special reflective material that comes in the LetsGlow Studio Kit. How this material is crafted and incorporated into dance routines and props will be an important component of your score.
  5. Originality and creativity. Judges always want to be surprised. So a big thing is demonstrating either an original and creative moves, steps, freezes, tricks and transitions, or showing an original style with original sets of moves, steps, freezes, transitions, humor or choreography.


Producer’s representatives will conduct an initial review (the “Initial Review”) of all submissions and will (as determined by Producer in its sole discretion) advance those videos reflecting a sufficient level of humor and/or uniqueness to warrant further consideration. Any video which does not advance past Initial Review will be rejected for use as a contestant video at that time. Producer reserves the right to reevaluate any submission at any time, but has no obligation to do so. Producer will view videos that are advanced beyond Initial Review for possible consideration to be posted for public viewing on PopPops.com, YouTube or any social media platform.



The voting procedure for the Contestant Shows will be as follows, unless otherwise specified:

  1. Of the videos included in the contest, the Producer will select one winner based on humor and/or uniqueness as determined by Producer in its sole discretion. 
  2. Of the videos included in the contest, the Producer will select one winner based on dance execution and originality.
  3. Of the videos included in the contest, the Producer will select one winner based on the uniqueness incorporating the LetsGlow Studio reflective material in their dance routine.



DEADLINE FOR ENROLLING YOUR SCHOOL                                  October 5, 2021

SCHOOLS RECEIVE LETSGLOW DANCE KITS                             October 10, 2021


WINNERS ANNOUNCED & CONTACTED                                          November 19, 2021

CHECKS MAILED TO WINNING SCHOOLS                                       January 2, 2022