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The Ultimate Mess-Free Sensory Drawing Pad Classroom Bundle



Take play time to the next level with our award-winning sensory drawing pads that will keep children busy and entertained for hours to come.

Fantastic way to encourage children to engage in problem solving.

Helps develop fine motor skills at a young age.

Reduces stress by providing a soothing and calming effect.

Encourages creativity, imagination, and out-of-the-box thinking.


Free Shipping & Returns. 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee

"Amazing Sensory Tool!" - Tonia A.

"The children in our classroom LOVE the DoodleJamz Boards (JellyPics & JellyBoards)! It is a perfect sensory tool for our break spot! By adding the Light-Up Brightboard it became a Game Changer!"

What's Included in the Bundle?

1x DoodleJamz JellyPics

JellyPics are squish n’ shape drawing pads filled with transparent gel and colored beads to sculpt, mold and design over any picture you want!

JellyPics contain little, soft spheres that you can push around the background picture with your fingers, or you can use your stylus.

Each JellyPics comes with an emoji backer card to decorate with custom hair styles.

You can customize your design by swapping out the removable backer card so you can design your beads over emojis, landscapes, or even selfie photos!

2x DoodleJamz JellyBoards

JellyBoards are squish n’ shape drawing pads filled with two layers of colored sensory gel!

The gel is vacuum-sealed so whatever design your draw always stays in place.

Use your finger to make shapes or faces in the gel or grab the included stylus to blend and morph the gel colors together, like finger-painting but without the mess!

Each JellyBoards comes with a unique, double-sided backer card.

Swap it out with other backer cards to see new colors emerge and easily draw, swipe and erase the board for all-day doodling!

1x DoodleJamz Brightboard

Enjoy all your favorite play patterns of DoodleJamz like drawing, blending and separating colors, now with light bursting through the frame!

BrightBoards are compatible with all DoodleJamz so you can swap each of them in and out to experience the LED light illuminate the different colors of gel and beads.

Light up your whole DoodleJamz collection to create even more amazing artistic creations!

"We absolutely love DoodleJamz!"

"DoodleJamz has been my students' favorite new center.

There are so many resources of cute fun things and educational sheets you can use. It helps them practice their math facts and fine motor skills."

- Hanna P.

"Just Found My Students New Favorite Center"

"They're perfect for little fingers building their fine motor skills.

My students love using these for literacy and match centers and for some quiet and fun morning work. They're also the perfect hands-on break."

- Sabrina P.

Screen-Free Play

Keep children engaged and away from screens with our addictive and educational sensory toys.

No Mess & Non-Toxic

Strong enough to withstand rough playing without leaking so you don't have to worry about your kids making a mess.

Highly Customizable

Print your own custom backer cards and have your kids paint and write over anything: from family pictures and games, to math problems.

Why DoodleJamz Sensory Art Pads?

Play, entertain, educate, and keep your classroom engaged with our one-of-a-kind sensory squish n’ shape drawing pad.

DoodleJamz is a uniquely versatile award-winning sensory drawing pad with the tactile feel of fidget toys but also allows kids to have lots of fun and learn at the same time.


Keeps even the most restless kids engaged and busy while creating fidgety squishy art!


Perfect to help kids practice their writing skills and maths without getting easily distracted.


Create unique fingerprint art and design over anything you’d like. A family picture, a pet, emojis, animals… you name it!


They’re like fingerpainting, but without all the mess! All the fun and creativity without the after-cleaning.


They’re non-toxic and able to withstand even the clumsiest of kids in your classroom, so you don’t have to worry about keeping an eye out at all times.


What Teachers Are Saying!

Your Classroom Will Love em', or Your Money Back!

With thousands of happy classrooms out there, we're confident our toys will quickly become a class favorite!

... We just don't guarantee they won't fight each other for them. But hey, you can always get more boards.

If you - and more importantly, your kids - aren't 100% happy with them, we'll give you your money back with no questions asked.

Get your classroom bundle today!

Our Happy Customers

  • "Fantastic!!! Such a brilliant innovative idea. My kids used to fight over the TV and now they are fighting over a toy that's creative, super fun, and no mess! I'm purchasing a second for my home, a another for my friend's kid who has ADHD, and gifting one to my kids school's 'sensory room'. Would absolutely recommend to anyone looking for the perfect toy. Also, it's not just my kids I love using it too! 100/100. I'm a massive Sky Castle Toys enthusiast now and excited to try out their other products."

    - Zac

    I loved DoodleJamz before, but now it lights up?!

    "My niece couldn't have been more excited when I surprised her with the BrightBoard! She's a huge fan of DoodleJamz (and admittedly so am I), but BrightBoards takes things to the next level. A great alternative to a traditional tablet, now she can light up all her DoodleJamz creations. The board features a kickstand which will be perfect for long car rides or using at her art table. Couldn't recommend it enough!"

    - Mercedes

    "This toy ROCKS!! It's such a cool sensory experience, and it lights up???? Every kid that comes over has to play with it, it's so much better than just handing them the ipad. It's so cute and creative, the kids love the unicorn graphic especially. Highly recommend!!"

    - Daren T.

  • "Amazing how my kids of multiple ages loved these JellyBoards! From the 3 year old up to the 9 year old, they all had fun doodling shapes and blending the colors (even though the 3 year old can’t draw yet). Would highly recommend for a mom who wants something to occupy their kids that’s NOT a screen but just as captivating!"

    - Hailey R.

    "My kids love these and so far haven’t managed to break them despite their roughness"

    - Brittaney

    "Bought as a gift for neighbor kids. The absolutely loved playing with them! Especially fun to slide in their own family photos. A lot of fun and creativity for not a lot of money. Highly recommend!"

    - JBirdL

  • "I use this with my students to practice spelling. They love it! They are also great sensory toys."

    - AjB

    The COOLEST new sensory toy!

    "My niece LOVES her DoodleJamz JellyBoards! She's naturally creative and is always wanting to take her art creations on the go, so when I saw these DoodleJamz JellyBoards I knew I had to order one for her.

    Ever since its arrived she's been obsessed with making doodles on the jelly material. The best part is-- as soon as she's done with one creation, she can wipe it away with the stylus and start all over again. Couldn't recommend enough!"

    - Mercedes

    "I love the feeling and the fact that there is no mess and gives you the feeling of finger paints. Great for taking on the go and better than handing your kids a tablet or your phone"

    - Jesse

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